FOUNDER  |  Lavanya Kasarabada

Lavanya Kasarabada is the founder and Artistic Director of Aakriti Dance Academy. She has been teaching dance and choreographing for more than 15 years. Lavanya has received formal training in both Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance forms. She learnt Bharatanatyam under Smt. Padmini Ravi for over a decade. She has learnt various dance styles like Jazz and Hip-Hop, but Indian Classical is still very close to her heart. She believes that dance is omni-present – whether it is in the leaves gently moving to the breeze, the waves in the oceans, the flutter of wings among the birds, or just movement in nature. Lavanya believes that anyone can dance with the right guidance, technique, diligence and passion. Lavanya is a passionate and friendly person with a perfectionist attitude. This zeal helps her create, perform and direct unique dance shows in Seattle. She hails from a family of teachers and hence teaching comes naturally to her. She spends time and is patient with both kids and adult students.

Lavanya has choreographed and performed in several shows both in India and US. She has directed many shows for local non-profits and cultural organizations.

Apart from dancing, Lavanya is passionate about fitness and hiking. She loves to explore the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Lavanya works as a Program Manager at Microsoft.

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Aakriti Dance Academy is a Bollywood Dance School that teaches Bollywood, Semi-Classical, Indian Folk, Bhangra, Contemporary and various other dance forms to students of all ages. These classes are offered as Spring/Summer/Fall sessions at our studio, or as enrichment classes at local schools, or as private sessions and special event packages.


Aakriti Dance Academy’s mission is to provide excellence in technique-based dance training and help build a strong core dance foundation in each student. Our unique and creative dance styles that incorporate both Indian Classical and other dance forms, provide our students with the necessary fundamental dance skills to be well-rounded strong dancers, and prepare them for our cross- cultural Fusion and Bollywood choreography. We believe that with passion, diligence and discipline, our students can become strong dancers and enhance their performance by bringing out their unique flair within them.


Dance, to me, is truly the hidden language of the soul.
With a strong foundation, dedication and passion we can all aspire to be strong dancers and make our own special place with our innate flair.

- Lavanya Kasarabada