Utsav ( Year 2019 )

Utsav was a celebration of life, love, freedom, peace, prosperity, and much more! This year also marked Aakriti Dance Academy's fifth anniversary of dance shows. Utsav enthralled the audience with its flamboyant dances, filled with thematic performances, spectacular costumes, dazzling visuals and elaborate props. 

Nakshatra ( Year 2018 )

Nakshatra was by far THE most innovative and creative show that left our audience wanting for more!! It took everyone on a journey into the starry night where they experienced different worlds, met fascinating creatures and were mesmerized by the inter-galatic forces of nature! Check out our sci-fi trailer of the show!

Once Upon A Time ( Year 2017 )

Once Upon a Time was a spectacular odyssey that took our audience through time and space, where they met various characters, some of them they fell in love and idolized, others they would hate or fear. It was an emotional roller-coaster, to immerse oneself into a world of fantasy, magic, deceit, drama, and much, much more, that left everyone spellbound! Check out the trailer and highlights of the show!

Bollywood Travels Pvt. Ltd. ( Year 2016 )

Bollywood Travels Pvt. Ltd was a dance show that enthralled the audience and took them on a wondrous journey across the world! It showcased different dance styles, brilliant costumes, lavish sets and unique choreography! Check out our TV Asia coverage as well on the right.

Navrang ( Year 2015 )

Navrang was a dance show to tie both colors and emotions. Our life is full of color and we display myriad emotions ranging from happiness to sorrow to even evil. This show is about life - about how colors and emotions are such an integral part of our life!