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It was great to be part of Nakshatra, and more than that it was amazing to know Lavanya a wonderful person. I enjoyed dancing with her and for the show Nakshatra. Hope to see you much bigger and better productions. Good luck Lavanya.

- Vijetha Sivanand

Congratulations!! Very nice show!! I joined aakriti dance acadamy first time .. It was gr8 experience!! I enjoyed a lot!! Lavanya and vandna are very passionate instructors.. All d best for the next show in advance!!!

- Margee Modi

Congratulations!! Very nice show!! I joined aakriti dance acadamy first time .. It was gr8 experience!! I enjoyed a lot!! Lavanya and vandna are very passionate instructors.. All d best for the next show in advance!!!

- Margee Modi

I am very glad to be a part of "Nakshatra " by Aakriti dance academy this year! I loved the whole team! myself and my daughter had soo much fun learning dance from Lavanya and vandana! Kudos to them ! looking forward to be a part of the team next year!

- Sarala Mannuru

My daughter started learning dance from Lavanya last year. Lavanya is an exceptionally talented and patient instructor. She is very well liked by the kids and is flexible and accomodative to kids likes and dislikes. She is organized, detail oriented and easy to work with. The show my daughter performed in was very nicely choreographed and well attended. I have recommended Lavanya and her dance school to many of my friends and they all have had a positive experience.

- Saritha Dubey

Anyone who is looking for a fun place to learn dance, Aakriti dance academy is the place. After living in Seattle for about a decade, I finally found my dance family after joining this dance school. I enjoy every class and look forward to my practice sessions every week. Lavanya is a great teacher, mentor and a fabulous dancer. She is amazing in accommodating all skill levels and bringing the best out of every dancer. I would recommend this dance school to my friends in a heartbeat.

- Kanchan Sannidhanam

After a long break I joined aakriti dance academy last year and it has been wonderful experience. Apart from great dancing experience, I also made close frens.

- Sheetal Bajpai

Before joining aakriti dance academy I tried several other dance schools... but trust me this is the best... I have had so much fun dancing and made so many new frnds who share the same passion for dance... I was part of the bollywood travels shw last yr and it was a remarkable journey... choreography, costumes, stage design, graphics... everything was a hit just luv this school and feel lucky to be associated with it

- Ayushi Garg

Congratulations and all the best.

- Sheela Mandalika

So far having a lot of fun! Can't wait for the final performance. Lovely choreography by Lavanya and Samiksha!

- Dipti Muley

Talented group & amazing show, theme was very well realized, looks like they practiced a lot, to deliver a good time for both students & audience! :D

- Kalyan Dc

This is awesome to see how you wish to ignite and spread the art with your love for dance. Wish you the very best Lavanya!

- Aishwarya Chandrasekaran

Congratulations and wish you all the best. I know you are very great dancer. Keep up the good work.

- Sujatha Ganti

As a kid I loved dancing. Would love to perform on stage. As years went by I got less opportunity to pursue dancing or should I say I didn’t get the right platform to do so. I met Lavanaya who had the idea of starting a dance group for grow-ups besides teaching kids. Lavanya is extremely talented and so motivated and passionate. I was initially hesitant to get back to performing on perform on stage after almost 10 years. But she had the belief. Had it not been her talent and her ability to make people like us dance and to bring out the best in us, I don’t think I would have ever thought I would once again get back to dancing. Lavanya made that happen. She makes you feel you are in the right hands and it is the right platform for you. I was so proud and so happy the day I performed my stage performance at Anandmela after 10 years. And all the credit goes to Lavanya. Had it not been for her talent…her vision..her belief, I don’t think I would have had the courage to put my inhibitions aside and dance so confidently. Thanks Lavanya. All the very best to you!

- Swapna Medi
Great Studio!! Passionate teacher!! Lavanya expertly rolls quality instruction into a fun experience. My kids want to go back every season!!

- Sarvani Sathish

Great dance school with great passion for teaching and making others a great dancer!

- Ritu Varma

Great institution and love the way of teaching.. Awesome work Lavanya!! Appreciate your efforts and wish you all the best!!

- Ajitha Konakanchi

Congratulations!!!!!!! You must be very proud!!!

- Anu Vellanki

My daughter loves going to dance class.

- Madhavi Vuppalapati

The fact I like about Aakriti Dance Academy that the teacher has good listening skills and is patient with kids and adults too and is very positive and enthusiastic at the same time. My kid enjoyed performing with her.

- Archna Sharda